Sunday, December 14, 2008

Love my little tool!!

Having a nice Sunday? I did as planned and Michaels today! They are having a great sale on wrapping paper right now! 60% off! All of my rolls of paper I got 1.59 each!

I wanted to share with you a great little tool I recently purchased made by Making Memories. It's very inexpensive too! It's a paper piercer/sylus in one! Click ~here~ to see what it looks like. I love it love it love it! I have the standard piercer but I had used it so often to re-open glue bottles that it doesn't poke as nicely anymore. I found this at Michaels but you can also get it at Addicted To Rubber Stamps. It makes very tiny holes which I really like and it fits nicely in the holes in the SU Paper Piercing Template. My other piercer was making the holes bigger in my template! It also has a nice shape to the handle so it's easy and comfortable to hold. It has a lid that covers the piercer but it also has an indentation in it and this indentation fits onto the the piecer so that when you turn it (like unscrewing a cap) it comes out. You can flip it around and re-insert it to use the stylus end of it. It's cool! For less than 3.00 it's a steal!

I also have the Making Memories Edge Scraper for Distressing your paper, chipboard, or cardstock. It's awesome! Easy to hold and really roughs thing up! LOL

And just arrived!!!.....My Glue Gliders!! Yay!!! I can't wait to try it! I will let you know what it's like soon! Have a wonderful night!! Thanks for checking in!

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