Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Been photos

Hi Peoples!! I am a sickie-poo!! I stayed home from work today and yesterday! Today I've been up and around but yesterday I was in bed all day. I hate getting the flu! Yesterday morning when I woke up, I was so weak that when I had to get the kids ready for school, I just laid down on the hallway floor between their two bedroom doors and talked to them from the floor! LOL. I couldn't stand up long enough to help them get out of bed, or make their beds, or anything. Then when we went downstairs, Jared got them breakfast really quick before he left for work and I just laid on the couch while they got dressed in their winter gear and ate breakfast. From there, I went back to bed! Yucky day! Today I have more energy but my stomach is still girgly no matter what I put in it. :(
I managed to take some pictures today though. This morning started out with rain....then it turned to snow about 10 am. Here is a view from my back door. We had more snow a few days ago when our temps dropped into the teens and then it warmed up and melted it all and now today we have this dusting of snow. I hope it stays this time. :)
Then I took some pictures of our tree and some ornaments I have made over the years. A couple of them are a little blurry but I wanted to share them anyway because I think they are so cute! :)
The first I made with pom poms, felt, cotton fabric, ribbon, and glue. I cut out the head and ears from white felt. The body is the printed cotton. The feet are all pom poms, so is the nose. There is lace stitched around the neck for the collar. I sold lots of these at craft fairs over the years!
I found this little snowman and stars at Michaels a long time ago and wanted to do something with them but didn't know what. (you know how we crafters are) then found these little wreathes also at Michaels and I loved them and thought they'd make cute ornaments, so I bought the ribbon and rafia and added it all together and ornament. I also made some without ribbon to use as napkin rings! Really cute!
The ornament below I LOVE!!! In the section of Michaels where they have all the wooden pieces, I found tiny wooden boxes and snowmen. I decided I would paint them and use them in a snowy scene on the wreathe. The wreathes are about 2-3 inches in diameter. The snowmen are about an inch tall, if that. The trees I found in the section of the store where you can get all those village houses and trains. The snow is that pasty snow that comes in a jar and when you apply it it's like whipped cream cheese and it dries where you put it and looks like sparkly snow. Then I tied tiny bows with floss and added them to the presents in the snow. I have about 30 of these on out tree, all with slightly different scenes.
For this one, instead of using the pine trees, I used a real pinecone from our yard. It's about an inch and a half tall. I added the chunky snow to the edges along with some green paint. Oh I forgot to mention that the snowmen all have scarves on as well made from floss.This wooden rocking horse came unfinished and assembled. I stained him brown with spray stain, let him dry, added this little bear on the rocker, added some wooden alphabet blocks which I also painted, added some presents in various places and also added a very small wreathe around the horse's neck. The wreathe has one tree on it with a snowman. This was Jared's ornament for his first Christmas in 1999.
My ornament making days are over. LOL. I actually started making clay ornaments too and have some of those still but on one, the snoman's head fell off and on the other, the big snowball fell off. I have to fix them! LOL. I love making ornaments but I just don't have the time this year. I may try to fit in some time on Christmas Eve when the kids are doing their gingerbread houses, but we'll see! Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions about the ornaments above, please let me know! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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