Monday, December 15, 2008

Glue Glider and JustRite Stamps!

Hi all! Hope you're having a great Monday evening! A friend of mine came over today and we worked on our Christmas Planners. She is saving it to use for next year but I have already written in mine for this year! LOL. We used our new Glue Gliders and we love them! You know what I love about it? It is really strong adhesive and instead of one continuous stream of glue/sticky tape like the tombo mono adhesive, it's divided into tiny little rectangles. I have been using the red Tombo tape/glue runner and it gunks up a lot because it's a continous piece but also because it's thicker and stronger than the blue Tombo Mono adhesive. Those gunky little chunks drive m crazy!!! They look like a booger! LOL. So the Glue Glider isn't separate glue dots or separate tabs like the Hermafix. It's tiny little rectangles right next to each other and when you glide it across your paper upon first glance it looks like a continuous piece but it breaks off so nice when you lift it off your paper and it doesn't gunk up! I love it!
Now on to the JustRite Stamps. Hopefully you all took advantage of the buy one get one free sale they recently had on starter sets!!! Right now they are having a sale 25% off select items so check them out! You can still get stuff in time for Christmas!! Well my friend ordered all of the buy one get one free sets except for the baking one. I can't wait to play with them!!! We got three different fonts and the Christmas set and one more set, I can't remember what it is right now. But I have to tell you, I even love the box they come in!! Really cute sturdy cardboard boxes! I cannot wait to rip the cellophane off! LOL. I have the Small Letter Set and the Harmony Classic Circle II Stamp Ensemble coming soon!!! :D (that's me smiling really big!!) LOL
Anyway, thanks for checking in tonight! Off to bed. Got a long work week this week; won't have much time for fun! :( So you may not see me much this week. Have a wonderful night and I'll try to update you soon with my new stamp sets! ;)

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