Saturday, December 13, 2008's freezing! Really cold pictures! LOL

Man, you wanna talk about cold!!!! I was only 8 degrees when I woke up this morning to get ready for work!! Our snow is crunchy now! LOL. We got several inches Thursday night into Friday. I feel like I told you that brain must be frozen! LOL. Here are a couple of pictures I wanted to share with you all. This first picture was taken about 7 in the morning, just after Jared left for work. This is a view from our front door looking into our front yard. I love when the trees sag from the weight of the snow! This is Lauren covering Jazz with snow! He didn't hear me come outside so I was able to sneak a few pictures of Lauren hard at work. Jazz LOVES the snow so he didn't mind being covered! And then he caught me! LOL Here he is running from me, facing AWAY from the camera! LOLHere's Sophie, our Chihuahua, being held by the kids. She hates the cold. I don't blame her; she's only 5 pounds! LOL The kids put snow on her! She's black, you may not see her in this picture! And here she is taking off as fast as she can into the garage! This was sooo funny!!! LOLThis is Kayla, our Pomeranian, who loves the snow like Jazz. Must be the fluffy thick fur! LOL. Look at that face; she is sooo sweet! She is a rescue dog. Of the four dogs, she is the only rescue. The rest came from breeders. There's something about rescue dogs; they seem to know they've been "chosen" and they're the perfect dogs!And the two of them waiting to go inside.....They are standing on the landing in the garage. Aren't they cute?
Where's Jazz, you ask? I dunno! I tried to ambush him and take pictures of him, so I went to the backyard to find him and as I got to the deck in the back, I peek underneath it, and I see him on the other side of the house, just rounding the corner!!! LOL. He heard me coming, little stinker! Anyway, I hope you are all having a great weekend so far! I get to sleep in tomorrow, thus the late post! It's almost 11. I never stay up this late on a work night. Well I take that back.....Sundays I do because my shows are on! Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I plan on cleaning my craft room, making some stuff and go to Michaels. Maybe not in that exact order but something like that! heeheehee. Take care!!!

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  1. guys got a lot of snow! It is very pretty...but I am still not ready for it! LOL

    Know what you mean about rescue dogs...we have one too and I will never get a dog another way again!