Monday, February 25, 2008

Stamp Storage

Do you have hundreds of non-SU stamps and have a difficult time storing them all? They take up a ton of space! Well here is what I do with my stamps....I purchased plastic paper keepers from my scrapbook store (when we had one). I believe they hold at least 100 pages. I got large pieces of foam core board from Michaels or an art supply store, and cut them to 12x12. I slid them in to the plastic sleeve and then I grouped my stamps into categories; like Valentine's Day or Christmas, or Birthday, etc. I can slide the mat board in and out of the sleeve with my stamps on it and they don't move around or fall to the bottom of the sleeve. As you can see, you can store a lot of sleeves on one shelf. Here I just have plastic milk crates that I purchased from Staples and stacked them on their side to make shelves. Eight sleeves fit nicely and they are all catergorized! Yay! I also have frequently used stamps like sentiments in these drawers.....I got them inexpensively at Walmart. I actually have 4 of them filled with differen't things; stamps, Cuttlebug folders and dies, templates, embossing powders, scrap paper, and anything else I can fit in them! This shelf I keep on my desk so it's easy to reach. The others I have placed around the room on other desks.
How do you store your stamps?

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