Sunday, December 7, 2008

Got a Christmas Tree yesterday...went to a party today......oven broken!

Hi All!!! Thanks for dropping by! Yesterday was such a blast!! I took the kids to a Christmas Tree Farm (hubby had guard duty so he couldn't go) and it was the first time I had been there. My hair dresser recommended it and I can't even tell you how awesome it was! First of all this place is huge! And guess what???? I didn't bring my camera!! How stupid is that?? I had a hair appointment at 12:30, had the kids with me, and decided during my appointment that we would get a tree afterward. So we didn't go home and get the camera. I didn't even think about it until after we arrived there! Dummy!!! So anyway this place is probably two acres?? I dunno.....but it's nice and flat and they let you DRIVE through the lot on dirt pathways every 20 or so rows of trees! When you pull into the parking lot there is an attendant waiting with a handful of saws. I didn't even have to bring one! LOL. He hands you a saw and then you drive around looking at the trees! I had never been to a lot like that! Most of the time, you have to walk through the lot and drag your tree back to your car. Well, we were there for almost 2 hours looking at trees! It was so fun! We had pocket and foot warmers in our pockets and pants and shoes, so we weren't as cold! Well, when you find a row of trees you like, you park at the end of the row and then walk to the tree, cut it down, and then go get your vehicle and drive TO YOUR TREE and put it in! So fun! You can't park in the pathway because they aren't wide enough for a car to pass you. So we picked our tree, put it in the van, and went to pay for it. They put the tree on a shaker thing and it shakes like crazy to drop any loose needles or little things that might be living in it! LOL Then they wrap it up for you and help you load it.........all for 30 dollars! I was so happy. You even get free hot chocolate and candy canes! LOL.
So we put our tree up last night and decorated it. I have to take some pics so I can show you! We had to move our TV stand to free up the corner of our living room! LOL
Today we went to a family Christmas party. Everyone in Jared's guard unit had to go. It's a small unit so we all fit in one house, very squished though! LOL. That was fun except for this evil cat that was there! LOL. I took Lauren to the bathroom and when we came out, there was a cat on the bed and so I went to pet it. I put my hand by it's face so it could smell me and IT BIT ME!!!!!! Then as a split reaction, I was mean and flicked its butt with my finger! Then it hissed at me! LOL. I couldn't believe how mean this cat was! LOL
Then we drove home in a snow storm; snow and wind like crazy! It took us almost an hour to get home when it should have taken about 20 minutes. I was going about 20 MPH on the highway. There were emergency vehicles all over the place helping cars and SUV's out of the ditch and median! I swear people just don't slow down enough in the snow! We have a wind advisory tonight with sub-zero temps! Brrrrr.....
Okay on to the oven........we were baking fries and all of a sudden the oven starts beeping and the display was flashing and it locked on me!! The oven door is locked and no matter what we tried, it won't open. So tomorrow I have to call Sears for a repair service!!!!! Not happy about that! Hopefully we have an oven for Christmas! :(
So needless to say, I didn't get to make anything this weekend! :( In about 20 minutes my Sunday night shows start, so I won't be able to post anything even if I made it beforehand! I'm sorry, I know I promised. I'm bad!
Oh I forgot to say that I have been getting wonderful Christmas cards from my Kota buddies!!! It's a group of ladies on SCS who started a pen pal list and we exchange cards. It's a small group and many of us have gotten to know each other pretty well. It's a really fun, and sweet group of women! Thank you so much for the beautiful cards, ladies! They are awesome!
Anyway, this post is so long! Sorry about that! I will see you all later.....have a wonderful night!!!!

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