Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gorgeous Fall Pictures!!

OMG! I was in awe today as I drove around. I went by myself actually and just drove around for about 3 hours. I went to areas I hadn't been before and let me tell you, that was worth it! I drove up to Mount Mansfield, which I had never been. I drove through Smuggler's Notch and into Stowe. I visited Jericho, Westford, Fairfax, Jeffersonville and everything in between those towns! I plan on going out tomorrow again but to some different areas. The colors this year are amazing! The best I have seen in the 7 years we've lived here. Okay, so here they are. I have a lot of pictures. Not sure what I am going to do; make a slide show, or just post some. Anyway, look at these..... The picture above is just a couple of miles from me, on a side road. I just love water in fall scenes!

This is out in Cambridge I think. I get confused still in Vermont! LOL The sun's a little weird in this picture; sorta hazy, but I love the mountains.The pictures below are heading out to Jeffersonville. The speed limit here is 50 mph, so I had to stop, turn around, and stop several times to get these pictures because there were always cars behind me and I couldn't just pull off the road.Isn't that little steeple so cute? I tried to crop this picture to get the Audi out of it, but everything I tried took too much from the picture, so the car had to stay! LOL This is in Jeffersonville.This picture below, is going up the mountain to Smuggler's Notch/Stowe.
Look you can see the ski slopes in the picture below. Sorry about the power lines; can't avoid them in a lot of the pictures. They mess up the pictures though! I was lucky to be able to pull off to the side of the road a lot or onto side streets. There were many times though I just wanted to stop in the middle of the road! LOL I couldn't believe how many tourists were out on the roads! I saw license plates from all over the place! I even saw one from California!In the picture above, I remember seeing a sign, and I think this is considered Westford, but that doesn't make sense to me. Oh well! It's pretty! LOL
The pictures below are on the mountain near Smuggler's Notch/Stowe/Mt. Mansfield. It was absolutely stunning up there. I had never seen anything like it. I want to take the kids there tomorrow. There were these huge boulders as tall as my house that you could climb on and some of them were situated to make caves. It was really cool. I love the bright yellow in this picture!It sure was a lot cooler up here! And my ears kept popping when I was driving up one side and then down the other, and then I turned around and came back up and down the other side. I was having a ball! LOL
Okay the last 5 pictures are below! Hope I didn't bore you! When I got home, I changed into jammies and took a nap! LOL. But I can't wait to venture out tomorrow! Hope you'll check back and see where I went! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me in Vermont!

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