Monday, September 1, 2008

Musical Monday!

Good morning! As you can see, "hear," I have added a playlist to my blog. OMG I was having so much fun finding music yesterday!!!! LOL. I came across another blog that had a playlist and as I was browsing her posts, I saw the word FREE. Well I had investigate! So I now can sit in my craft room, make projects and have my blog open to enjoy the music! Yay!

Just a couple of tips:
First, if the music annoys you, just turn your sound off or press stop on the player which is not very far down on the right side.
If you like the music, I suggest having two internet pages open at the same time. Both will be on my blog but on one, you will leave on the main page and on the other, you can browse. If you only have one page open, as soon as you navigate away from the home page, the music will stop. So if you look at previous posts or look at tutorials which requires you to click on a link, then the music will stop. I learned that little trick yesterday, too! Heehee!
Another tip, every time you re-visit my blog, a different song plays first, so it will never be the same song starting on each of your visits. I fixed it so it would scramble on initial opening of my blog and it also scrambles while you are reading the posts. If you want to hear the music in order, just click on the next song, or click on a song that you want to hear. I love this thing and that it's interactive!

So sit back, browse, listen, dance, whatever you want! Let me know what you think of my BROAD range of favorites! LOL. You may find that I really am "an old soul" and love my oldies. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!!!

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