Saturday, September 13, 2008

More of my room...

Happy Saturday! Just got back from Michaels; didn't get much just some adhesive and stazon cleaner. I had some of the inkadinkado clear stamp sets in my hand but then put them back. LOL
I wanted to share the last of my room pictures with you before I start working on some projects. This cabinet is on the right side just as you enter the door. This cabinet is full of "stuff." Albums, pictures, supplies, you name it. It's a mess as well! LOL. That why I love that it has doors! :) The canvas thing hanging on the door holds my smaller punches and different fibers that I use for scrapbook pages.

This is a picture of my desk that my computer is on. It's also on the wall to the right. There are two desks butted against each other so it's in the corner. Those little drawers are full of little things like buttons, bottle caps, pom poms, key rings, staples, letter brads, etc. Then I have several boxes lines up on the wall (with my kids' artwork above it!). Then you see just a small portion of my computer monitor all the way to the left.

Then you see the other desk that my computer stuff sits on. Above it on the wall is more pegboard and shelves. I have photo boxes with miscellaneous stuff in them. This picture was taken before I cleaned my desk off so it's a mess! But it shows the shelves and my punch storage. I need to put curtains or something on the edges of my desks cuz I hate to see the mess under them! LOL

There is my printer and my phone and it sits on some drawers that have more buttons and templates and magnetic stamps in them.
This is the wall that is right next to my punch storage. It's another section of pegboard. I purchased a bunch of plastic bins the size of shoe boxes and drilled two holes on one long side so that i could put a hook through the hole and then hang the box up on the board. At first all the contents were organized in these bins but I have since moved things around and these bins are no longer organized. They just house "stuff" that has no where else to go. LOL
This wall is opposite the wall that my other desk sits on that I showed you in my previous post.
So that's it. There's my room. It's messy to everyone else but believe it or not, it's organized to me and I know where everything is. LOL I'd love to see what your rooms look like; it's always fun to get new ideas!
Thanks for stopping by. Now I'm off to start some projects. We'll see if I actually get anything done. LOL

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  1. We have the SAME brand of desk! :) I love it! Although yours is much better with the 2 tables! I love that idea! Hopefully when we get back to the US...

    Love your craft area! I posted mine as inspired me with Part I of your "Craft Space" series! You are welcome to bring a cup of coffee and visit! LOL