Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Journal #2~Edited on November 2nd, 08

** Edited November 2nd, 08 ~ I was asked how many sections are in this book and how many pages are in each section.....Sorry I didn't include that info before. There are 12 sections and about 8-9 pages in each section. I changed the amount slightly in certain sections because I knew that I might have more writing in one section versus another. When you make your own, you will know just where to add or subtract pages. :) Thanks so much for the question and your interest! **

Here are a few more pictures of my baby journal and some details about how I made it. I started with an ordinary regular sized composition notebook that you can find in any office supply store, grocery store or discount store. I first covered the entire book including the spine with solid color cardstock. I used a wet glue that I brushed on called Perfect Paper Adhesive. I found this at Michaels. I placed something heavy on top of it and then let it dry overnight. I then covered the cardstock with pattern paper leaving a pink border all the way around. I stamped a bunch of babies with black ink and did the watercoloring technique withe markers and SU blender pens. I LOVE this way of coloring! I then cut them out and cut a piece of coordinating cardstock to adhere along the left side of the book. I adhered the babies and then trimmed around them leaving a 1/8" border of blue/periwinkle showing. I then attached a strip of different pattern paper along the left with two different ribbons. The tabs I stamped using my Making Memories magnetic stamp sets. You can find them here. I used my Stamp-a-majig to center them on the tabs. I liked the idea of using these words versus other ones because someone could use this book starting from birth for several years. It isn't dated with the year or separated by age in any way. So someone could just journal things like when their baby was "naughty" or "discovered" something. I thought it was a cool idea. As you can see, these sets come on different fonts, not all the same font included in one set, so that's kinda cool too. Oh I forgot to mention that the other stamps are from Outline Stamps. I used two different baby ones.
Along the side of the paper where each tab is, there is a 1 1/2" wide strip of pattern paper. I added this under the tab to provide extra strength. The strip is 3 inches wide and it's scored at 1 1/2" and then wrapped around the edge of the paper. This is also glued on with the same wet glue I mentioned earlier. Then I added the tabs using the same glue. I thought it would be cute to have someplace to add the birth announcement, so this is adhered to the inside cover.
I also added a bookmark. The ribbon is sandwiched between two pieces of yellow cardstock and the stamped image is only on one side. The end of the ribbon is attached at the back of the book between the cardstock cover I added and the cover of the book.

So that's it. What do you think? I really like how it came out. Now that I know the measurements and know what I am doing, the next few won't take me so long! LOL Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful night!


  1. Rachel - I adore your baby book. I do not need a baby book, but this style could be adopted for so many different kind of purposes. Do you know by any chance in how many section you have separated it and how many pages are in each section?

    Thanks for sharing,