Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Tuesday! A funny story for you....

I just have to share this with you all. It wasn't funny at the time but it's funny now...........enjoy!!

Last week, while I was working alone because my boss was extremely sick, I was driving to work on Wednesday morning. I left my house at 8 am, jumped on the highway only a mile away, and began my 25 minute trip to work. About 2 miles into it, traffic comes to a dead stop! Not good when I was meeting our delivery truck at work and he was expecting me to arrive at 8:30! Well, I remain optimistic hoping that traffic will start moving again, which it normally does because most of the time, the cause is a stalled car or a fender bender. And the lookey loo's are just slowing down to stare at whoever is on the side of the road. LOL However, this trip was entirely different! I sat, and sat, and sat, and sat in the same spot for a LONG time! I moved forward maybe inches at a time and I wasn't making a lot of progress. 8:30 comes and goes and so does 9:00. I repeatedly call home to talk to Jared about the highway situation, and he says, "poor honey....." He then says, I am interrupting his morning news shows! LOL. So It's about 9:30 now and I am still only about 8 miles from home. There aren't any exits between my exit and the next town which is 10 miles. And I start seeing people pulling over to the shoulder to run into the woods to pee!!! LOL I think to myself, okay this isn't good! The only option is to find a U-turn in the median, which is illegal to use, but at this point.......who cares right? LOL So I am now in search of a U-turn and can't see one coming up. All I see is forest between the southbound and northbound lanes: big wide forest! LOL Well, I gotta drive through it, right? I mean, I can't sit here and just wait. I had already thumbed through my entire issue of Paper Crafts! So up ahead, about 10 cars up, I see trucks turning off into the median and disappearing into the woods! I think to myself, "oh can I do that?......those are big trucks!" Then I see a four-door sedan go down the embankment and into the woods, and I think, "well, if she can do it, so can I!!!" So when I reach that point in the road, I hesitate, thinking what if I get stuck in there? Then I decide to just go for it and I turn left and go down the embankment. It's so steep that I actually was afraid I was going to bottom out and get stuck with the nose of my van in the ground! It was a lot steeper than I anticipated. It doesn't look so bad when you're driving 70 miles an hour past it on a normal day! LOL But I make it down the embankment and here I go........four-wheeling through the forest! LOL I start getting nervous as I enter the woods and realize that yes, there's a little path carved into the dirt already from the other cars but I was driving over tree roots and through the branches! LOL. It's also dark! ROFL!! So about 200 yards later, I get to the other side and I come to another steep embankment! Oh man, if I have to slow down for traffic at the top of that embankment, I am not going to make it and I am going to get stuck for sure! Just what I need.........get stuck doing something illegal cuz I want to get to work! I figure my only option is to gun it! LOL I look to the right and see no cars coming so I nail my gas pedal and hope for the best! ROFL I get on the road and my heart is just pounding! I look in the rearview mirror and see several more cars and trucks doing the same thing. So now we are driving back north, opposite direction of work, which is really making me mad, and I am just flying on the highway! LOL My part of the state has ONE highway and that's it. The other option for travel is to take Rt. 7 which is the old way of getting through the state before the highway was built. So I get off the highway and start going down Rt. 7. About half way to work, I am on this back road and suddenly, traffic stops! OMG.......are you kidding me??? What the heck is going on???? LOL. I guess everyone else had the same idea and now this back road is stopped and we aren't moving anywhere! In front of me is this SUV......husband is driving and wife is hanging out the passenger window. At first I thought she was looking at something on the road. And I am thinking........how far do you have to hang out the window to look at something! LOL........well, she isn't looking at anything......she starts barfing because she's car sick and has been stopping and going for so long! Poor thing! I felt so badly for her! So after almost 3 hours, yes.......... 3 hours............I get to work and the guards are standing a the front gate tapping their watches and laughing at me! Haha, yeah real funny! LOL And my delivery truck is still sitting there waiting for me. :) He was very nice and understanding though, which was great! All day long, soldiers and customers are coming into the store with the same story as me. Some people were on the road for 5 hours! Vermont is NOT good with things like this! LOL. Come to find out, there was a power line down across both lanes on the southbound side and everyone thought it was a live wire, so traffic stopped and no one wanted to drive over it. So the highway was shut down, authorities took forever to get there to do any traffic control, and people had to try to make it around this wire and get off the highway. In the end, we found out it was a CABLE wire that the cable company had accidentally knocked down! Can you believe that? What a nightmare that was! Every day since then, I have looked over the bridge before getting on the highway to make sure traffic is flowing! LOL Can you imagine if this happened in the winter?

Thanks for stopping by! Happy traveling!

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  1. ROFL !!!! I love your blog. My in-laws live in Lyndonville. Not sure how far away that is from you. I love yoru blog. dound it from SCS lookign at yoru baby journal composition book. I teach at the LSS here in Reno, NV. I have a blog as well but not catered to scrapbooking. Check it out.


    Maybe we can meet when I come to VT. Won't be till next summer. I have tagged your blog. Take care !