Sunday, September 14, 2008

I tried to be creative today...

I tried to get something done today but I just couldn't pull it off. Too many interruptions and I really have to be in a creative mood to make anything decent! Instead I blog hopped and scrap-lifted. I also did some laundry and went grocery shopping. I am off work tomorrow so maybe I can get something done then. I do have an idea floating around in my head but to actually sit down and do it is another story! I've had a nagging headache today too. So I have no projects to share with you. Sorry.....but I could share with you some painting that I did. I didn't do this recently, probably about 6-8 months ago I guess. This is my dining room. However NONE of that stuff below the picture is there anymore! LOL (I love to re-arrange stuff). This is done with a solid color gold basecoat and then a darker glaze on top, applied with a brush and then smoothed out with a rag. This is one picture that came out okay! LOLThis is my kitchen. I used to have ordinary brown oak cabinets. Since I have very few windows in my kitchen, this new paint job lightened it up quite a bit! This picture was taken during the winter months and the kids were getting ready for school; thus the backpacks on the stove! LOL This was done with an off white base coat, two different colored glazes applied with a dry brush and ragged off and then several top coats. This isn't in my house; it's a client's home. This is in their entry to their condo. This wall started out white. The owners wanted a linen finish, so this was done using different colored plasters and a trowel and brushes. Not something I would want in my home but they liked these colors. This short wall you see when you enter from the front door and also from the garage door. The white wall is a hallway that leads to the living room.
This long wall was shot from the living room looking toward the front door. Crazy colors, huh? LOL

So that's it. Not what I normally post .....LOL. I don't paint much anymore but this is just a little of what I have done. I will post a project tomorrow if I can focus long enough to finish one! LOL

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful evening!

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