Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some pics...and new music

You like the new music? I love Christmas music and today after all of our traditions, I decided to come down and make a new playlist with just holiday music. I could sit here and listen to it all day! Of course if you don't like it you can hit stop on the player. ;)

Today was a great day! We ate like piggies and then played some family games and then called the family down in Florida and the phone was passed around the room here and down there. We even got some snow flurries while we sat an ate! In case you didn't know; I LOVE SNOW! LOL You'll be seeing lots of snow pictures this winter!

I tried to create something tonight but I was having too much fun listening to the Christmas music! I did make up these journal jars the other night for my younger kids' teachers this year. I saw the idea on Nicole Heady's blog. I thought it was an awesome idea!! I found two small jars and two baskets at Michaels and I got two sketch books from Ben Franklin. (Michaels carries the same kind.) I will also add a pen, a small datebook that I found at Michaels, a bookmark and maybe some notecards for each teacher. This is the first year actually that I will make something for their teachers. The teachers always send a note home before Christmas asking parents not to buy gifts for them, but when I saw these jars I couldn't resist making them. I have printed out the journaling questions and cut them into strips and have curled them. I used the list found on Nicole's blog but I also found other questions on the internet; questions that teachers would be asked during a job interview. My little jars are crammed with curled up strips of paper! LOL I had to smoosh them down a little as I filled the jars so that all of them would fit. LOL. I haven't decorated the outside of the jars yet, that's why I haven't posted pictures. The jars are cute though without decoration! :) I will post them this weekend....

Anyway, I just have a couple of pictures to share with you. First is my Jazz.....he hates his picture being taken. I opened my camera in another room because as soon as he hears the lens pop out (a little mechanical noise) he goes running and hides wherever he can! So I snuck up on him! He looked up at me and then I snapped the picture. Well he looked away to get up off the floor and that's the picture I ended up with! Crazy dog! Yes that is my vacuum and my shampooer behind him! LOL
Then there's Hershey. He is so photogenic and loves his picture being taken. He looked at me before he started to walk away and when he saw the camera in front of my face, he sat down for me! LOL. I wish Jazz would do this!!!! Little stinker! Hershey is a Shitzu-Poodle mix. He used to be very dark brown like chocolate; hence the name. But then he lightened up and now he looks like caramel!Then there's Jared carving the turkey...........look how interested our son looks! LOLAnd last but not least, are the pies! I tried to take a picture before Katie cut into them, but I missed my opportunity! The one on the left is a 4-berry pie! YUM!! Looks sloppy but it's oh so good! LOL.Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Anyone getting up at o-dark thirty to go shopping???? I am taking Katie early, like 7:30, to Joann's. She wants to get some big thread holder display thingie. That's as early as I am getting out the door! So I will close for now.....sorry this is so long! LOL. Have a great night; happy shopping and stamping!

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