Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Covered Shoe Box for Toys Continued...

Here you see that I have attached the two sides to the box and now I am on the front of the box. (I am holding the lid up and the box is laying down on the front). I secure the patterned paper to the brown paper first doing the corners as I did on the sides to make a nice corner and then the sides as you see below.

In the picture above you see the excess paper folded up. This is what goes inside the box. But I first adhered it down with glue stick like you see below.

With the front and two sides attached I moved on the back and lid. I folded in and attached the little sections first as you see below, and then adhered patterned paper to those long curled up sides you see. I attached those as before and then I was done!

I decided to attach ribbon along the lid edge to pretty it up! :)

I held the ribbon in place with clips until the glue dried. The box looks just as you see it above, without other embellishments which I have to add now! LOL

Hopefully this was easy to understand........I just thought I would share what I did over the weekend!

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