Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nugget Wrap

It's been a snowy day here finally! We haven't had much snow this winter! It started snowing this morning around 7 am and by 10 am, we had more than 4 inches! :D I was so happy when I woke up and saw the white trees! So I turn on the tv and watch the news for school closings....a few schools in upstate NY were closed and one school in NH was closed. Nothing in VT was closed. So I get the two little ones up and ready (Katie got to go in later) and I put the other two on the bus. At 8:30 Jared leaves to take Katie to school which is about 20 miles maybe. An hour later, they call from the highway......they had only traveled 10 miles! They had just passed an exit so they had to keep going until they saw a turn-around thing in the median, which is illegal to use! LOL. He said he was going like 1/2 a mile an hour. He said it reminded him of when we lived in San Diego! LOL. So they turn around and head home. It took them an hour an a half for a 20 mile trip. Usually 40 miles takes about 45 minutes or so.
Later, today after the kids came home from school, they told me during dinner that their bus had gone off the road!! No phone calls home to the parents obviously and they were late to school. They couldn't pick up a child because they couldn't get down his street! I think they should have had a snow day!! What do you think? Isn't that nuts? Tomorrow if it's still snowing, which it is, we are keeping the kids home! No sense in risking their lives two days in a row!!! It's supposed to snow all night into tomorrow afternoon! So we'll see what happens tomorrow!
On to brighter are current pics! Yay! I loved this project. You can find a wonderful tutorial here. Nichole does great tutorials! This was so fast and easy to make! I will have to make more for other holidays!
For this one, I used my Marvy Mega Punch....the pink scallop circle. I punched out two circles, stamped them with Stazon Blazing Red ink, folded them in half with the stamped side facing out, and set them aside. I then cut a retangular piece of paper, in a lighter shade cut to 2"x2 3/8", and set that aside. I attached the circles to the bottom of the rectangular piece by putting one half of the circle underneath and the other half on top of the retangular piece, making sure to butt the creases of the fold up against the side of the rectangular piece. I then set two large eyelets to accomodate the ribbon.I then stamped out my background design on the nugget wraps (swirly hearts from Inkadinkado). Then I stamped the sentiment in the center of each background. Then I cut them out to fit around the candy. I attached them with glue dots and then also attached them to the wrap with glue dots. After tying a knot with the red ribbon, I added several other ribbons and also stamped the tag. The punch I used is shown here. I set an eyelet in the tag so the ribbon wouldn't rip out and tied it on with its own ribbon. Viola! All done! They are wicked easy and wicked fast! Love 'em!

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