Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tooth Fairy Box!!

Finally I have pics of my tooth fair box. Sorry it’s taken me so long to post them. Still recovering and still pretty sore! Not having a good time with this gall bladder thing! LOL

Can you guess what I used to make it?

I had seen many examples of tooth fairy boxes on SCS. Click on scs to check out the gallery there. Many of them are made from altoid tins. Well if you don’t have access to free altoid tins, it can get quite expensive if you plan to sell them at craft fairs! So I began to brainstorm and many ideas popped into my head; cardstock…which wouldn’t be very long lasting because they are easily squished! The tiny tins you often find in the bead section of a craft store that have a clear window top….which are more economical than buying individual altoid tins. Cardstock popped into my head again and I thought about using embossing powder all the way around it to provide a stiffer box….and then I thought of those unfinished wooden boxes or paper mache boxes that are found at Michaels but again you have to buy them individually and that can get expensive.
I wanted something small…..I wanted something sturdy….and I wanted something inexpensive!!! And then my idea came to fruition. I ran (well I didn’t literally run….just trying to make it sound more exciting) I ran to the aisle where you find the wooden pieces like blocks and balls that come in bags………and there it was…..on the bottom shelf……..calling out to me……….a tiny wooden, unfinished, napkin ring!!!!!!!!!! Can you see it?

Well as you know, napkin rings are open on both ends, so I had to come up with a top and bottom. I knew I wanted felt on the bottom but it had to be sturdy. So I looked at the felt options. I chose the stiff felt that has adhesive on the back. But it still needed more stability. So I looked at all those bags of wood pieces and came across the round discs in many sizes. I picked the 1 inch circle discs because they fit within the napkin ring.

You can't see the disc in the pictures because it is sandwiched between two pieces of felt; one for the inside and one for the bottom.

Then I needed a top. I found a disc that had a rounded top and a flat bottom! Yay! How much easier can this get, I am asking myself!! They are called domes and I found two in a bag.

The one inch disc fit nicely on the flat side of the dome so that when the lid is placed on top it is held still by the circle disc.

Next, I needed a handle for the top. They had these cute little pieces called knobs. Rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. They come in different sizes so I just picked what fit on the dome lid. And there! I had all my pieces. Next came the assembly...

I did the Polished Stone Technique on a piece of glossy cardstock and set it aside to dry.

I then picked paint colors that matched the polished stone piece I just did and painted all the wooden pieces, including the inside of the napkin ring. I wanted some contrast, so I chose a different color for the handle and the disc on the inside of the lid.

Once those pieces were dry, I attached the felt, the 1" disc, and a second piece of felt to the bottom of the napkin ring. I used my EK Success circle punches (1 1/4 and 1 1/2 inch) to cut the felt to the size I needed.

(I used E6000 glue between the two layers of felt).

Then I cut a strip of the glossy paper to fit around the ring. I used red line tape to attach it.

Then I attached the knob to the lid and the disc to the under side of the lid.

Then I used a toothpick to pick up some E6000 glue and placed a small amount along the edge of the glossy cardstock and stuck tiny micro beads all the way around. I tried diamond glaze first but that is too runny.

Once that was dry, I was finished! I love it!!! Very easy and fast to make. The circle punches make all the difference in the world. Without them, you would have to trace and cut out the felt and that would take longer if you needed to make a bunch of them.

What do you think?????


  1. Fantastic idea - I like how you imprised - these look great!


  2. Oh I think my comment buttons and links work now!