Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lauren home today...

Hi all! Haven't posted in a couple of days...sorry about that. Haven't ventured down to my craft room in a few days.
Today Lauren is home sick. She was running a fever last night and she is still relying on motrin today to keep her fever down; poor thing! So looks like she will be home tomorrow as well.
I did manage to make something today though! Can you believe it? I made a cute little tooth fairy box; it's drying right now. It's not made out of an altoid tin and it's not cardstock. You'll have to check back in to find out what I made it out of! :) Katie has my camera so I can't take any pictures now!
Having weird things going on with my incision since yesterday. Just below my incision there is a five inch wide by 2 inch tall area on my belly that is completely numb; can't feel a thing. Jared was poking at me yesterday with my eyes close and he kept moving his finger around and poking and asking me, "can you feel this??....." And below that area where there is NO incision, my belly is extremely senstive and the skin is actually sensitive, so when my clothes swish across me, it hurts! I called my doctor this morning who said that this is normal after surgery and it will go away. So okay. Have to wait for that to go away.
Weather here is rather chilly today. In the forties. Yesterday and the day before we were over 60! Supposed to get rain coming in Friday and for 7 days following that! I had mud season! YUCK!
Anyway, rambling now. Check back later. I might be able to post tonight pictures of my tooth fairy box. I am supposed to go to a jewelry party at my friend's house tonight, so we'll see if I make it down here after that.
Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by! :)

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