Monday, April 14, 2008

About Vermont

Jennybug asked me awhile ago about Vermont........I can't believe I missed your comment! I am so sorry!!!! For some reason I am having difficulty with my blog and I can't click on any of the links and I can't post a comment where I found anyway... about Vermont......
We've been here since 2001. My favorite time of year is Spring and Fall because of the color changes! Winter lasts a good 6 months here. I love winter and I love the snow so personally I would visit during winter as well. But not everyont likes snow; like my husband! LOL For Springtime visiting, I would say that May is the best time. And for the Fall, mid October is the best time. The reason I say May is because we can and do get snow in April. And if you want comfortable temperatures then May is it. My daffodils and hyacinth are just sprouting, so I have tiny little foliage popping up and it's already mid April, so Spring takes a while here! LOL This is a great website and it has a TON of info on it. It's called Vermont Vacation. Stowe and Smuggler's Notch is a beautiful area. It is in the mountains and it's known for skiing. There is a ton of shopping and restuarants. When I say shopping, it's not malls and highrises. It's small, locally owned, quaint little businesses. If you want malls visit Burlington. Downtown, there is an outdoor mall, and in South Burlington, there is an indoor mall. Those malls have all of the typical stores you find in other cities. Vermont is also great for hiking and camping, fishing, and cycling. And of course, winter sports. There are 52 state parks here which are just amazing during the spring and fall! Check out this picture taken in one of the state parks. Here's a great article on Vermont's famous Maple Syrup. Not many people may think of Vermont as being wine country, but we do have wineries here as well! We also have a great Fairground here. Check this out. We have huge craft fairs there in the spring and fall. My sister-in-law, from Florida, said she hadn't seen anything as big as our fall craft fair at the fairgrounds!
Summertime, we have a ton of mosquitos! And they all find me! I hate them! But we don't have any poisoness snakes are spiders so that's great! I grew up in the desert in California and I couldn't touch anything there! We have a ton of wildlife, my favorite is the moose! This website also has a lot of info.
So I hope I answered your question! :) If not, don't hesitate to ask away! It's a great place to visit and it's also a great place to raise kids! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments!

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