Saturday, March 17, 2012

Starting a New Journey!!

Hi everyone!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  I hope that you all had a wonderful day!  I am starting a new journey..... one that will make me healthy again.  I joined this website....  It is called Joy's LIFE Diet.  LIFE stands for Look Incredible Feel Extraordinary.  It is a lifestyle change, NOT a diet.  At age 40, I am past diets.  Diets aren't going to work for me anymore.  What I need is to change my lifestyle.  Change what I eat, how I eat, how I prepare it, and my activity.  I am super excited and motivated.  I hope that maybe some of you can join me, because who can't benefit from a lifestyle change, right?  :)  

Here is an excerpt from her website.  "There is no magic bullet for this plan: you have to do the work. Your transformation will begin once you teach your taste buds that sugary, salty, and oily are gone, and clean, light, and refreshing are in. It's all a matter of busting your bad eating habits and replacing them with healthy ones. This doesn't mean you will forever have to abandon chocolate or never enjoy another glass of wine with dinner. Your future will still include delicious foods and restaurant dinners — the difference is that once you learn how to keep it all in balance, you'll never be overweight again! Are you worried about getting that light-headed, almost queasy feeling you often get during the first days on a diet? Forget about it! On Joy’s online plan, your stomach will not be growling with hunger: From the first day you'll be eating three meals, an afternoon snack, and have access to unlimited quantities of healthy food to munch on. You will feel full and satisfied."  

Have a wonderful rest of the evening and a wonderful Sunday.  We are going to reach 81 tomorrow!!  I don't think I've ever seen that in March!!  Well, except when I lived in California!  LOL!!  Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment if you'd like or also if you visit Joy's site!  Hugs!!!

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