Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shabby Chic Beaded Bracelet

Hey everyone!  Cloudy, gloomy winter day here today.  What is up with our New England winter this year?  60 degrees today and raining, 32 tomorrow and snow showers!!??  Bizarre!!  One or the other or the other!!  LOL!!

So I started working on a beaded bracelet last night, which is going to be VERY chunky and full!  I love chunky bracelets and look at it so far...

I started with a silver chain and just started adding charms on every other link (approximately).  On most links, I added them two at a time to get this fullness.  

I used various glass beads and baubles, silver head pins and silver eye pins, along with seed beads, and pale pink pearls.  I should be done with this by tomorrow and will share the completed bracelet with you.  :)  Hope you are having a wonderful day!  Thanks for stopping by for a visit...

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