Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shopping Organizer

Hi all!  Wanted to share this shopping organizer I made for 2011's Christmas Season.  Laura at Follow the Paper Trail has a wonderful you tube video showing how to make one.  Super easy instructions and very quick to make!  I added a pad of paper that I made (not shown) to the right side of the organizer under the word Lists.  I will take a picture of that and share that as well.  I didn't use a post it note paper pad as Laura had done.  This was AWESOME to carry around with me as I was shopping!!  It kept me very organized and kept everything in one place.  No more separate notes on different pieces of paper all over my purse!  All of my gift recipients had a separate sheet on my pad of paper and I check marked each item from their wish list as I purchased them.  This made sure that I bought the same amount of gifts for each child, which is very important in our house!!  LOL!!  I kept all the receipts in the pockets as well.  I tied a jingle bell on a string and wrapped it around the snowflake on the front cover so that I could hear if "someone" was being snoopy!!  :)  Anyway, this is going to be a tradition from now on; to make one of these every Christmas or simply re-use this one every year!  Thanks for visiting me and please ask if you have any questions.... hugs!

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