Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've joined Pinterest!

Happy Sunday everyone! Had a pretty mellow day except for venturing out into the bitter cold to go grocery shopping.  I also paid a little visit to Jo-Ann's for some organza, satin, ribbon and thread!  

Guess what I did last night in the wee hours of the night?!?....I joined Pinterest!  Yep, another addiction to feed! LOL!  So far, I love it!!  There are so many cool things, I am re-pinning like every 30 seconds! lol!  I tried to add my button to the sidebar on the left but blogger is not behaving tonight.  I have been trying to do this post for over an hour.  

I also made a couple of satin rolled roses last night but they aren't my favorite.... :( .... kind of disappointed with how they turned out.  I haven't taken pictures of them yet because they are so darn ugly!  LOL!!  Just kidding.  I will take photos tomorrow when I have some daylight.  I also have some stick pins to share with you tomorrow!  

Got my favorite shows on tonight; can't wait!  Desperate Housewives and Pan Am!!  Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!  Talk to you tomorrow, lots of hugs....

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