Sunday, January 4, 2009

Get that thing outta my face!

Did that title intrigue you? LOL My Jazz needed a bath BAD and I thought that would be the perfect time to get a few pictures of him since he would be locked in the bathroom! LOL Well, here he is, Mr. Scaredy Cat! This is my daughter sitting on the toilet; yes she has shorts on! LOL And he has his head jammed between her back and the toilet tank! Could he be any more pathetic?? This is how much he hates the camera!Here I've coaxed him out long enough to give him a treat, but look at him........he's still got that eagle eye on my camera! LOL
Maybe if I stare long enough at this door, or press my nose really hard against it, it will open! LOL.

I just had to share these pathetic pictures of him! Thanks for stopping by and visiting! Did you see, I've changed some things again. I've re-arranged some elements on the page and I've added to my slide show. I also added a new feature at the bottom of each post. There are 4 little rating boxes. Isn't that cool? :) So now maybe it will help me with making my blog more interesting or helpful! Have a great night!

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