Monday, May 26, 2008

Katie's Graduation Announcement

I managed to get Katie's announcements done today.....well some of them! LOL. It started out really simple with just the layers of cardstock. Then I added the stamping. I couldn't figure out what to do with the top black square with the limited graduation stamps that I have. So I decided to get my cricut out and cut out the year. At first I was going to rest the cap like a hat on the first 0, but then I got the idea to hang it and take up some of the space below the year. I love that part! LOL Then I added the stars at the bottom, which are brads and the yellow brads at the top. I wanted to spruce up the very bottom so I punched holes along the bottom and added a little dot between each hole with my glitter pen. I put yellow cardstock behind the holes so they would show up nicely. The card looks much better in person. My camera is yucky! LOL What do you think?

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