Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Copic Marker Blog!!

Hi Everyone!

I haven't been on in awhile. Have lots to post and some things to share. First I want to tell you that I have had added a new link. Check it out! I added it to my "Fun Places" list and it's called I like Markers. I recently found this site while reading the forums about Copic Markers. And this is the blog to visit. You learn everything you need to know about Copic Markers. I don't have any yet but I want to start my collection after seeing them demonstrated at a stamp fair I went to.

I also wanted to share with you something I recently purchased called the Bind It All Round it All. Here is the link; you'll see a close up. http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-56935576670441_2005_6457906
I haven't tried it yet but I am dying to! Here is the product description taken from the site

"The only corner rounder made to handle thick chipboard, acrylic, tin, and most other materials up to 1/8" thick. It is available in two sizes. The R10 tool will be pink and the R5 will be blue. This Round-it-All is available for PRE-ORDER and will ship end of May 2008. If purchased with other products, everything will ship immediately with the exception of the Round-it-All."

Another new item that I have is from Denami Design. They have really cute stamps! Here is their link....http://www.denamidesign.com/shoponline.html
I need to add them to my shopping list as well. I just acquired the frog stamp shown here....http://www.denamidesign.com/stamps/pages/N/N114.html
and the ice cream cone shown here.....http://www.denamidesign.com/stamps/pages/K/K55.html
Their fruit is so cute too! I have the Small Citrus Splash and the Small Cherries. http://www.denamidesign.com/stamps/tropicaldreams5.html

Another company I recently found is called Class Act. Here is the link to their site. http://www.classact.ca/index.html
I have this stamp of strawberries, http://www.classact.ca/RubberStamps/Fruit/FT08C_C_Strawberries.jpg
this stamp of cherries, http://www.classact.ca/RubberStamps/Fruit/FT10C_C_Cherries.jpg
this fence which I love! http://www.classact.ca/RubberStamps/My%20Garden/CJ08E_E_Fence.jpg
and they have some great ice cream stamps but I can't find them on their site. Might have to contact them to add them to their site!

Other info............
Just this past Friday was my birthday and I was going to go have dinner with a friend because Jared's first officer candidate school weekend was this weekend and he was going to be gone. Well, little Jared had a stomach ache that got progressively worse in a matter of a few hours and ended up in the ER having tons of tests! They told us he had acute appendisitis and within 40 minutes, he was in the OR!! Not a fun evening but he's ok and recovering this week. This is his last week of school and he will miss all of it except Friday. What a crazy year with my family and surgeries! LOL

Anyway, have to get some cards done today and mailed out but wanted to share all that info with you! Thanks for stopping by!

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