Monday, June 16, 2008

So grateful...

Hi everyone, I was just going through my email and noticed a ton of email from SCS. I received a ton of notices that people had left comments on cards in my gallery! I just finished reading them all and I just wanted to say thanks for all your compliments!!! It really is sweet when someone takes the time to tell you how funny or cute they think your card is! I really love to read through all the comments in my gallery. Thanks so much!

I have a class tonight that I have to get ready for. I spent a couple of hours this morning cutting paper and gathering the stamps and ink I need. Oh that reminds me, I have to grab the ribbon! Tonight's class is on the star book. I am hoping that it doesn't run over! I have to get up early for work tomorrow!

Expecting thunderstorms again this evening into tonight. Probably down pour on my way to my class or walking through the parking lot with my arms full of stuff! LOL. Thanks for stopping by; I have more cards to post but I don't have pictures of them yet. Will do that soon! Have a great night! :)

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