Sunday, December 16, 2007

I forgot that I had something funny to tell you.....last Friday Lauren stuck a tiny, tiny silver plastic bead in her ear!! Three years ago, she stuck one in her nose and I had to take her to the ER and have it removed. That wasn't fun. So anyway, she stuck this one in her ear this time (yes, at 5 years old!) She came into our bedroom after putting her in bed and we were watching tv still and she said that something was in her ear. We asked her what and she said she didn't know but that something was in there and it hurt. So we jump out of bed, upset at her, and asked her what she put in there. And then she fessed up. We tried everything and nothing worked. I ended up taking her to the ER (about the same time at night as the last time, as a matter of fact), and they checked her ear and siad that it wasn't in a dangerous spot and they said we could leave it in over the weekend and go to a specialist on Monday. So that's what we ended up doing. They were the best doctors I have ever dealt with at the ear nose throat office. They were so sweet and gentle and did things very slowly and explained everything. When the assistant wanted to take a look and get it out, she started crying and said no. So the doctor said we could take a break and she climbed out of her chair to get in my lap and as soon as she got in my lap, I tapped her butt like a love pat at the same time as patting her back, and she farted! Yep, in front of the assistant. So that lightened the mood! He left the room and came back with the doctor. He looked in her ear but when it came time to get it out, she didn't let him touch her, so he said, well we have to do this down the hall on a off we go down the and assistant were replaced with a nurse guy, and another assistant. Then a female nurse comes in and then the doctor and the other assistant came back. Lauren is looking at them all and started to freak! They had her lay down on the bed. The female nurse held her head, I laid across her legs and held her hands and the doctor stuck the tiniest tweezers I have ever seen in her ear and within seconds he pulled it out. Immediately Lauren jumps up yelling, let me go, let me go!!! It was pretty traumatizing. You'd think she would learn from the last time! What is it with her and beads??? We have since told her not to stick anything in her body and we are very specific about mentioning all her orifices! LOL

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