Friday, December 21, 2007

Got a BooBoo!

Well this hasn't been a good week for me and accidents! LOL. Two nights ago, Jared and I are getting ready to go upstairs to bed and he turns the lights and tv off in the living room. He hands me two ice cream bowls and I have a full cup of water in my other hand. I turn around to go to the kitchen, and my eyes weren't adjusted to the darkness and I tripped over this little Japanese table that we set up in the living room to eat dinner. It doesn't always stay up so it's not something that I am used to walking around. It's sort of like a square card table but the legs are really short and it actually has a heating mechanism underneath so when you put your legs under the table it's nice and warm. We don't use it for heat anymore just to eat on. So anyway, I thought I had walked around it but I walked right into it and fell on top of it. The bowls and my cup went flying across the room and I was so stunned that I actually fell that I didn't move for a minute. I realized that I was laying on the table like superman!! I cant' even tell you how much that hurt! My right arm is bruised underneath from my tricep to almost my wrist. My right shin is bruised from just below my knee to above my ankle, my left leg is okay and my right arm is sore but no visible bruise. Jared was like, what are you doing???? The table is there!!! I was like DUH!!! All night long my arms and leg stung. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. Funny now but not at the time! LOL

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