Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Added Elements!!

Oh I have had a lot of fun today already! I have added quite a few new things to my site. I have changed the layout and colors first of all, and I have added some cool slide shows. On the left side of the screen (below the Blog Archive), you'll see Past Projects. I will add more pictures later.... You can see a selection of Katie's Purses below "Inspirational Places". She has started her own business and is doing very well so far! That's a pretty cool slide show! Also on the left side a little farther down, you will see another slide show of my furry kids. There are several different ones in addition to what was already there.
I have to finish some shopping today. Every year I get mixed up and can't remember how many presents I have purchased for each child, so this year I made a list and I see that I would have made the same mistake and purchased more for one child than the other two! Oops! So I have to fix that problem today! It's a whopping 17 degrees, so I will have to dress a little warmer today! LOL. Snow has finally stopped, well at least the nor'easter has, but we have had a few flurries today. You wouldn't believe how much snow is out there right now!
Anyway, I will be back later this afternoon, possibly with more pictures!

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