Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Working on: Smash Book, Travel Mini, Birthday Mini...

Happy Hump Day everyone!  I hope you are having a fantabulous day!  =0)  It's sunny but fairly chilly here today in New England!  I am working on several projects at the same time today!  I have to purchase gumballs to complete the cute machines I made yesterday for my daughter's party, and I've been sewing base pages for my homemade SMASH book.  Super fun!  It's going to be a large book; 8.5" x 12".  Love it!  I am using all of my stash to make this book.  NO shopping, except for adhesive!!  (Use It Up).  I have older My Mind's Eye paper stacks that are great for sewing;  pretty lightweight.  I only have a Janome Sew Mini, so I'm not doing any crazy multi-layer pages.  But the Sew Mini works great for me since I am a beginner.  =0)  Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have been doing my 2011 Holiday Album!!  LOL!!  Yes, you read that right.....HOLIDAYS!  LOL.  I am combining Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all in one album.  That one is about 5"x7" and I am actually adding the pictures already.  I have a bunch of photos printed and I am doing one page at a time complete with the photo!  I can't believe it! lol. I have about 20 or so pages done, but I have a ton more to do.  This will probably end up being 3+ inches thick.  But I LOVE chunky albums, so I'm not trying really hard to keep it flat.  =0)  Anyway, just a "hi...howya doin' post" for now.  Enjoy your April day!!  Thanks for stopping by and I will have photos soon...... hugs.

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