Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pen Pal Card

Here is a card I received recently from Connie in Michigan. I love the layers!!! Great job, Connie! I love it! Thank you!!!

Wooden Recipe Box

I was just chatting on SCS but the site isn't working for me for some reason, so I decided I would post my recipe box pictures. This one I made using a plain wooden box from Michaels (by Darice). I love the shape of this box with the rounded sides. On my previous boxes I used round knobs for the handles and feet but this time I found some more decorative knobs. I believe they are called finials. The paper I got from my local stamp store, don't know which company it is, sorry. The polka dot paper is a hot pink which match the radishes on the printed paper. All the paper is attached with gluesticks. The apron on the lid is doen with pink cardstock, and the polka dot paper. I found this really cute card on SCS and thought it would look perfect for the box! So i drew out an apron trying to make it the same on both sides. The ribbon for the neck and waist line is chocolate gingham. I really love how this turned out; much better than my other ones! :) The dividers are plain ones from Staples and then I covered them with cream colored cardstock, and then added a strip of polka dot paper along the bottom. I used my Cricut to cut out letters for each tab. I didn't stagger my tabs across the top just in case I wanted to change the order of the dividers so each tab is lined up to the left. Now I just have to fill it with recipes! :) Thanks for stopping by! What do you think?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lots of New pics!

As promised, I have new pics for you! And of course, since I get bored very easily, I have changed my layout and colors! LOL. I love to change things around!

I have been making cards for classes but I don't know why I have been forgetting to take pictures of them before I take them to the store to display them! So today I took several pictures. You'll see some of my new creations and also some great pen pal cards I have received this month. I will be posting pics of the cards I get from now on. I should have been doing that all along!

So this first card I is very simple. I did this in my Misting with Markers class this month. There's a great tutorial on SCS found here. The cardstock is all from Stampin' Up. The top layer is raised with dimensionals and the scallop circle is done with a scallop punch. The dragonflies are on white cardstock and then placed under the green layer. Very simple card....

The next card is from the same class and also done using the same technique. I love this card and how the colors turned out. I forgot to mention that I use Staedler markers. I love them! They have pointed spongy type tip instead of a fiberous tip. It's great because it will always keep the pointy tip.

This card is for my Pearl Ex-Painted Pearls class this month. Again here is a very easy tutorial. I had a hard time finding Future Floor Wax initially until I found out they changed the name and now go under the name Pledge with Future Shine. Very easy and fun technique. Using the pearl ex gives the cards a great shimmer and the nice thing is that you don't have to seal the card with you are done. The floor wax does that for you!

This card was also for my Pearl Ex class. It was easier to do than the first because it has bigger open spaces in which to color. The scallop circle is done using my Cuttlebug and the "thank you" is raised with a pop dot.

This one is from the Misting with Markers class. I used Tapestry stamps for the background and a stamp that has 4 different sides on a wooden block. I can't remember where that one is from; sorry! The butterfly is stamped on purple cardstock and then cut out and adhered to the card.

I wish I could take a better picture of this card, but my camera isn't the greatest. These butterflies are so cute and I love the size of the card. It's 3x6". The scalloped circles are cut out with my Cuttlebug and the purple circles are punched out. The butterflies are stamped on white watercolor paper, colored and then cut out. I used a lid to one of my bowls to make the curved cut on the front of the card.

And now for my Pen Pal Cards!! I have a ton of pictures to take but here are the few that I have received recently. It's going to take me awhile to photograph them all.

This cute card is from a pen pal, Connie in Colorado! It's so cute! The little pink blossoms on the patterned paper are sparkly! Thanks Connie!!

This one is from Pearl in Montana. I love that little bee and the little details she added. Thanks Pearl!!!This one is from Bergen in Ohio. The ladybug looks like it was punched out. It's so cute! And then happiness is done on a separate piece of cardstock and adhered under the top layer. I'm pretty sure she used an oval punch on the top layer. Thanks Bergen!!!! And this card is from Liz in Texas! I love monkeys! He is super cute!!! Thanks Liz!!!!

I've been so busy!

Hi everyone! Boy it's been awhile! I've been so busy with work and classes, I don't have time to come down and check my email or post on my blog! I suck! LOL

I have several pics that I am going to post today so beware! LOL Thanks for checking in!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Monday

Hi guys! Happy Monday! I've been going through all my favorite blogs and have added several to the list, so check 'em out when you have time. There are so many that I love that it takes me forever to go through them all!

I am going to take pictures of my new recipe box today. Gotta charge the camera again from last night.

Going to work on some samples again today. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of them! I took 5 cards and a photo wallet to the store yesterday and forgot to take pictures of them first! DUH!! So anyway, will try not to brain fart today! LOL

Have a wonderful day all!!!! Thanks for checking in!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

To be young again....

Wouldn't you like to be a child again? Look at that face! I love this picture! This is the same night that we went to dinner on the waterfront. My two dd's are swinging together. I just love the look on her face. To be a child again..... Swinging like that as an adult makes me nauseaus!! LOL

Had to share this photo...

I had to share this picture of the sunset on the waterfront last week. It was a beautiful night! A good friend of the family was visiting and we went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant on the waterfront. After we ate we took a walk down to the little park behind the restaurant. It's also the same area where you can ride the ferry from Vermont to New York. It's pretty funny to see all the cars lined up on the ferry! It was such a pretty sunset that night! Just had to share!

Stampin Up Flip Chart

Happy Sunday! Boy it's been a while since I posted. I have been making so many samples for classes but I forgot to take pictures of them before I took them to the store. These are samples for classes I am teaching this month. So I can't stare them with you! I also have a new recipe box to take pictures of as well.

But I do have some pictures of my Stampin Up Flip Chart. I mentioned it over on SCS and it's so hard to describe that I said I would take some pics of it. I hope that you guys can tell what it's supposed to be! LOL

I made this flip chart at my demo's house when I was still a demo. It was easy to make because she had them all printed out and cut for me! LOL. It has the basic colors from all the color families. It doesn't have the special colors that expire. It is great to have because I can choose the colors I want without having to pull my sheets of paper out. I will try to explain it the best I can....In this first picture, this is the front cover. I never decorated it so it looks plain but it has a plastic sheet on top from Walmart, cut to size. It is spiral bound using the Rubi Coil. There are four tabs across the bottom separating the color families.

When you fip the first page up, you see the color Glorious Green. Also listed below the color name is the product number and available size. Colors don't come in 12x12 separately anymore. This chart is a few years old. The whole pad is cut into three sections. No specific reason why the far right column is wider than the other two. When you flip all the Glorious Greens up you will see three Green Galores next and then three Gable Greens after that. All the colors are done this way going through the whole book. The colors are in order according to how they are listed in the catalog.

In this picture you see Glorious Green, Yoyo Yellow, and Green Galore (I think). Say you were making a card and wanted to see how these colors looked together before you dig them out of your pile or drawer or paper tray. So all I did was flip the second row up til I saw the Yoyo Yellow and the far right section up until I saw the Green Galore.

In the next picture you see Chocolate Chip, Brocade Blue and Close to Cocoa.

You can see how these colors would look together on a card. Most of the time I stay within in the same family when choosing colors to go together but there are times when colors from different families look really nice together. So I can easily just flip through this book and see what goes well together. Does that make sense? I don't know if what I am saying makes sense. LOL Can you tell how it's put together? If you need more pictures I can take more.

To make this book you would need every color in the catalog. My demo had all the colors so that's why I made it at her house. She just bought the multi pack of each color family. She ran them through her printer so the color names would be on each piece. You would each color through the printer with Glorious Green printed across three times. When the piece came out, you cut it into three strips. Then the next color goes through and you cut it into three strips. You're going to make three separate piles on your desk starting with Glorious Green and going down through the colors in the catalog. After cutting Glorious Green, flip them face down on the desk and then lay the next color face down on top of them. This keeps all the colors in the same order in each stack. Go through and print and cut each color flipping them over face down as you lay them on each stack. Then you cut a front and back cover and the plastic piece to protect the top. If you have some sort of binding machine like the Rubi Coil or the Bind it All, follow the directions with your particular machine on how to bind the book. I think that we punched the holes BEFORE we cut them into three pieces. Yes, that's right. Punch the holes before you cut the colors into three strips and make sure you keep the colors in the same order when you put the book together. Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I will take some more pictures!!

Have a wonderful night and thanks for stopping by!