Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wooden Recipe Box

I was just chatting on SCS but the site isn't working for me for some reason, so I decided I would post my recipe box pictures. This one I made using a plain wooden box from Michaels (by Darice). I love the shape of this box with the rounded sides. On my previous boxes I used round knobs for the handles and feet but this time I found some more decorative knobs. I believe they are called finials. The paper I got from my local stamp store, don't know which company it is, sorry. The polka dot paper is a hot pink which match the radishes on the printed paper. All the paper is attached with gluesticks. The apron on the lid is doen with pink cardstock, and the polka dot paper. I found this really cute card on SCS and thought it would look perfect for the box! So i drew out an apron trying to make it the same on both sides. The ribbon for the neck and waist line is chocolate gingham. I really love how this turned out; much better than my other ones! :) The dividers are plain ones from Staples and then I covered them with cream colored cardstock, and then added a strip of polka dot paper along the bottom. I used my Cricut to cut out letters for each tab. I didn't stagger my tabs across the top just in case I wanted to change the order of the dividers so each tab is lined up to the left. Now I just have to fill it with recipes! :) Thanks for stopping by! What do you think?

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  1. Rachel, this turned out so cute. It would make a great gift. Will have to think about this for Xmas. Thanks for sharing.