Friday, August 22, 2008

Recent Pen Pal Cards

Happy Friday! What a long week this was.....up early for work and up late at night! I couldn't wait for today to roll around! I have my normal three-day weekend and I plan on sleeping in all three days! I was going to do the craft sale on Sunday with my daughter but she found out today that attendance isn't all that great for vendors so I think we are going to scrap it and do some other bigger fairs in the fall. My husband took the day off that day so he could be home for the kids so I guess we can all go to the pool or something.

So I wanted to share some cards I got this month. Sorry for the delay in thanking those who sent them and showing off their creations! This first card is from Tina in Wisconsin. I love these colors together! She made the brown starburst using a scallop circle punch which I haven't done or seen in person and it looks cool! I will have to try it. I love the sparkley flower in the middle too. Thank you Tina!!

This card is from Khara in Nebraska! OMG it's so cute! First I love the design of this card and I love her coloring on the bear and bees. I have to find out what she used because the yellow and black in the letters and on the bear has a shiny quality to it; not sparkly like glitter but maybe gel pen??? I don't know. But I love it!! Thanks Khara!!!

This card is from Tara in Arizona. I love the colors she chose and I love the layers. I love layered cards! She did a great job with the piercing next to the coffee cup; it's a nice detail. And I love cards with dimension. The sentiment and the coffee cup are raised. Thank you Tara! I love it!

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