Friday, August 17, 2007

Wicked storms yesterday...

Yesterday the weather was unbelievable! I was driving home from work along some back country roads and all of a sudden, I look ahead and I see this hazy area about 10 car lengths in front of me. I had no clue what it was...sort of looked like fog or smoke and it went from the sky to the ground. Actually it looked like steam rising from the road. The cars in front of me were slowing down and I kept thinking, "what is that?" When I got close enough I realized that it was rain and when I reached that area, which took all of 10 seconds really, it was like a blanket of water coming down, like sheets of rain instead of drops. It was so bizarre.....the rain wasn't like sprinkles that slowly turned to hard rain, it went from dry to down pour! The cars in front of me immediately slowed WAY down and as if the cars in front of me disappeared, I could no longer see anything ahead! Then the wind picked up and here came the hail......huge hail the size of large marbles just pelting the van. My wipers couldn't go fast enough! I tried to call a friend and she didn't pick up so I left a message and I had to yell in order to hear myself; the hail was hitting so hard and fast. People were pulling over to the side of the road to wait it out because literally you could see nothing; no dotted lines, no lanes, no cars, no houses, broad daylight! It was the freakiest thing ever! Trees were coming down in the middle of the road! I finally made it through that patch of rain and then the rest of the ride home was constantly interrupted by road crews chopping trees up that were in the middle of the street and fire trucks were everywhere trying to clean up and take care of downed power lines. The rain was off and on but it looked like a tornado came through which is very strange for Vermont! The picture is of a house less than a mile from me that is surrounded by trees, much like our house. There are several trees on top of this house around the perimeter of the house. It's hard to tell what you are looking at but it's the only picture I have right now. I came home to no power. It was still daylight so I gathered all the candles I could find. Thank God I was a PartyLite rep! LOL. Since we have a well and not town water, our pump (run by electricity) wasn't working so we couldn't use the sinks or toilets! Our phone was down too so we had to use our cell phones. We were told it could be two days before we got power back so we decided to go get ice and empty our refrigerators. But before that, we cooked dinner on the grill, chunky soup in a big pot! LOL. After dinner and it was getting pretty dark, Katie and I left in search of ice. Our closests stores were closed so we had to go to another town which wasn't hit by the storm and got tons of ice and a second cooler. We drove home and just as we got out of the van and opened up the back door to get the ice chest out, the power came back on! 10:00 at night and we drove to get all this ice and ended up not needing it! LOL. So we all went to bed! Today our phone didn't start working until late this afternoon. My friend came over and she took me into her neighborhood where this house is. It's simply amazing to see trees that are 50+ years old toppled over like twigs! Tomorrow I am going to take a little drive and see what other people are dealing with. We were incredibly lucky and had no damage to our house. Our house is surrounded by trees as well, that are just as big as the ones in the picture so it's quite scary to think that it could have been us! We were very lucky!

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