Thursday, August 23, 2007

Haven't posted for a few days....

But a lot has been going on....Can't tell you the whole story now since it's about 11 at night, but I will give you a little and then tell you the rest tomorrow. Quit my job on Friday after chasing my paycheck around town while my boss drove all over the place telling me to meet her at a specific location and then leaving before I got there! I turned around on the highway 4 times before I finally met up with her. Quit right on the spot! (With Jared on the phone listening to me!)
So I am starting my own business! I got business cards made up and printed yesterday and I am designing my brochure now. I am just about done and all I have to do is get it printed. I already have some good leads on jobs so I am really excited!
Other than that we have other things going is starting next week, Lauren started soccer cute and last night we moved furniture around, which is always fun. Makes us feel like we moved! LOL. We took couches from the basement and swapped them with the ones in the living room. Several times I thought the couch was going to come down the stairs and squash me! We did minor damage while moving them around but nothing that cant' be fixed or just overlooked! LOL. Little dings here and there on some walls and doors. After a while we didnt' care, we just wanted it done!
So anyway, that's been my last few days. Will tell you the rest of the story tomorrow.... Goodnight!

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