Sunday, September 16, 2012

Craft Room Re-Do

Wow! Why am I so terrible at blogging? lol. I always have good intentions but I can't seem to keep it a priority and keep up with it. I dunno why that is. I suck at blogging. lol. 

Here are some photos of my craft room re-do. I am loving it so far! I am not finished with painting but let me tell you, PAINT DOES WONDERS! I am amazed at the difference. 

Here ^ is one wall. Originally, this wall was just sheetrock; meaning, raw sheet rock that was never mudded and taped.  The sheet rock was actually installed in the adjacent room, not this room, thus the wall studs that are visible in my room. This is a basement room that had 4 walls up and a door and the previous owner used it as his workshop. That pole you see in the foreground is to support the main floor above.  Not a pole that can be taken out, so I painted it since it was dark grey. I had to prime all the walls first and then paint them. 
Here ^ is the same wall with a closet shelving system on it. I bought a system that included all the hardware needed to have all those shelves and rods. I have leftover shelves and brackets to do another wall. This wall is my green and turquoise wall.  I got the wicker baskets from Christmas Tree Shop and the large square baskets from Staples. My desk is an old oak door that the previous owner made and I kept. It has an old table cloth covering it and a large acrylic sheet on top of it. 
This ^ wall is directly opposite the green and turquoise wall. It is a work in progress. I haven't painted the wall yet but the closet system is already put up. I actually move those green baskets to the other side and this wall is pink and brown. The cube system sitting on the desk is from Staples. This wall had pegboard covering it. I didn't take it down. I just installed the shelving unit directly on top. 

Here ^ is a closeup of my green/turquoise wall. I did make some minor changes to it since this picture was taken. lol. I ended up taking my washi tape off the rod. And my paint isn't there anymore. lol

I will share a photo of my pink and brown wall soon. It still isn't painted but I have the baskets where I want them.

Have an awesome day and thanks for checking in!  =)


  1. love the colors.. so jealous of your big space to craft in!! :D Can I move in with you?!!?